Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Using technology to support our customers

customer service dementia care innovation quality reducing isolation

The use of online conferencing platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how we are able to interact with our customers. Ironically, we have for the first time seen the faces of customers who we have only previously interacted with by telephone!

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Frequency Precision Ltd Launches It's New Quality Policy

customer service innovation quality

As a product designer and manufacturer, we are committed to maintaining our high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. 

To help us to keep quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do, Frequency Precision has implemented a quality management system. 

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dementia care innovation reducing isolation

As a solution focussed company, we are always happy to signpost our customers to any product that we feel would be useful to them, even if we don't sell it ourselves. We are committed to developing products that are easy to use to allow those without technical skills to benefit from technology.  myhomehelper is a useful product created by Kevin Marsch, to help him care for his mother who was diagnosed with vascular dementia.  The product is a small tablet that can be managed remotely. Controlled through a secure online platform, it has a number of useful features including a calendar clock,...

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Frequency Precision awarded US Patent for Airlert bed occupancy sensor

bed occupancy innovation patent telecare

On 17th March 2020, Frequency Precision Ltd., was granted a US patent for our bed occupancy sensor, which was judged to be 'a new and useful invention'. This was a very exciting moment for us and reflects many years of hard work by Doug and Tom.

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