Using technology to support our customers

Like everybody, Frequency Precision has adapted to an ever changing world throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

A key principle of our products is that they can be used by anybody, straight out of the box, without any specialist training or knowledge. This has allowed us to deliver better value for our customers, since site visits and specialist engineers aren't required. We were already well adapted to the need to operate and support our customer remotely before the first lockdown came along. We already used an Internet based telephone system, allowing our staff to operate from any location.

What has changed for us is the widespread use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp and other online platforms.

Tom Dwyer, director, giving advice to a customer about setting up their Airlert bed leaving sensor mat

These have transformed the way that we able to interact, face to face, with our customers. It has allowed us to demonstrate our full range of products from one location, using a camera positioned opposite a full sized hospital bed. It has also allowed us to support customers remotely - and to connect them with the right person.

Ironically, we have for the first time seen the faces of customers who we have only previously interacted with by telephone!

We very much hope that the user of online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams will long continue and are always very happy to provide support or demonstrations remotely.