3 Ways Care Alert Devices Are Assisting Home Carers

Care alert devices have revolutionised home care and nursing facility with their discrete and less invasive monitoring systems. As home carers for an elderly parent or grandparent, we try to do our best for them and make sure they’re comfortable in their home environment. At the same time, we also want to make sure that we take all the safety precautions to maintain their well-being.

Here are some ways care alert devices are assisting in-home care these days:

Bed Alarms For Dementia Patients To Manage Wandering Symptoms

Dementia patients become difficult to take care of at home as the disease progresses. It causes memory and behavioural impairment in which your elderly may forget who you are, how to brush their teeth, or chew food. They can also get hallucinations and develop wandering tendencies. That’s why you’ll have to be more vigilant than ever. You can get bed leaving alarms that’ll alert you if they have left the bed in the middle of the night, so you can check what they’re doing. This way, you’ll make sure that they don’t hurt themselves.

elderly individuals having a conversation in the garden while sitting on a bench

Wireless Convulsion Sensor Mats For Epilepsy Patients To Manage Seizures

Wireless convulsion sensor mats are best for tonic-clonic seizures as they can easily detect the jerky movement and alert the carer about the situation. This can make it easy for you to manage the home while your elderly patient rests. So, if a seizure occurs, you can get a page or an alert on your phone, so you can rush to their room and hold them as the seizure passes. This will also prevent them from falling down the bed due to the seizure movements.

Chair Pressure Mats For Limited-Mobility Patients To Prevent Further Injuries

If your elderly have mobility problems and need a wheelchair to move around, it can be difficult to keep an eye on them through all hours of the day. A chair pressure mat will alert you when they have left a chair. This can be when they voluntarily sit somewhere else or fall out of their wheelchair in an accident. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that whatever happens, you can get to them in time and take them to the hospital in case of injuries.

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