Sensors and pressure mats to monitor those in care.
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Reasons Why Some Hospitals Are Still Using Pagers

Here are the top reasons why Hospital staff and Doctors are still using Pagers

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Implementing Insomnia Preventative Devices For In-House Elderly Care

bed alarms Elderly care floor pressure mats

People suffering from sleep disorders can find relief with these insomnia preventative devices like bed occupancy sensors, pressure sensing floor mats and medical alert systems.

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5 Reasons Why Fall Detection in Medical Alert Systems Are Beneficial

bed pressure mat fall prevention

Fall detection is an invaluable medical alert system feature that enhances security and protection for users. Learn more about its benefits here.

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The Top 3 Risks of Not Using Bed Alarms for Elderly Care

bed alarms bed pressure mat dementia care

There’s high risk of people falling out of bed in assisted living. To avoid accidents, and fall injuries, it's best to use bed alarms.

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A Nurse's Guide To Taking Care Of Residents With Dementia

dementia care nursecall

Are you a caregiver for residents with dementia? Here are some tips to help you cope and take good care of your patient.

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